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Maytenus Molina

Small trees or shrubs; branchlets glabrous; stipulate or exstipulate; spines present or not. Leaves spiral or alternate, variable in shape and texture. Flowers bisexual, rarely unisexual, in axillary or extra-axillary cymes. Sepals 4-5-lobed. Petals 4-5, reflexed. Stamens inserted on the margin of the disc. Disc flat or cupular. Ovary immersed in the disc, emerging part subglobose or triangular, 3-loculed, rarely 2-loculed; ovules 2 in each locule; stigmas 3. Capsule subglobose, loculicidal, 2-6-seeded. Seeds ellipsoid, arillate.

Tropics and subtropics of the world; ca 60 species, 18 in India.


1a. Branches armed 2
b. Branches unanned 13
2a. Spines bearing leaves and flowers 3
b. Spines not bearing leaves and flowers 5
3a. Fruits globose; ovary 2 loculed; branchlets not zig zag 14. Maytenus senegalensis
b. Fruits turbinate; ovary 3-loculed; branchlets zig zag 4
4a. Aril attached to the base of the seed; leaves crenate; inflorescence 2.5 cm long 18. Maytenus wallichii
b. Aril embracing the seed base; leaves entire; inflorescence 1 cm long 3. Maytenus emarginata
5a. Flowers in cymes only 6
b. Flowers in cymes or in fascicles 12
6a. Aril embracing about half of the seed 7
b. Aril embracing the seed base only 8
7a. Stigma trilobed; arit thick 6. Maytenus heyneana
b. Stigma simple; aril thin 4. Maytenus falconeri
8a. Cymes longer than the leaves 1. Maytenus bailadillana
b. Cymes shorter than the leaves 9
9a. Leaves ovate-obovate 10
b. Leaves oblong-lanceolate 11
10a. Leaves membranous, obscurely crenate 5. Maytenus gibsonii
b. Leaves coriaceous, serrate 12. Maytenus royleanus
11a. Inflorescence reddish 13. Maytenus rufa
b. Inflorescence yellowish green 7. Maytenus hookeri
12a. Fruits obovoid, 6-seeded 9. Maytenus ovatus
b. Fruits broadly-obovate, 2-seeded 17. Maytenus thomsonii
13a. Flowers arising from the old leaf-scars. 15. Maytenus sikkimensis
b. Flowers not arising from the old leaf-scars 14
14a. Cymes 2-3 times forked; leaves narrowly lanceolate 16. Maytenus simonsii
b. Cymes not forked; leaves obovate or ovate 15
15a. Leaves ovate 16
b. Leaves obovate 17
16a. Sepals minutely ciliate; leaf margin serrate 2. Maytenus championii
b. Sepals not minutely ciliate; leaf margin entire 8. Maytenus listeri
17a. Ovary half embeded in the disc; leaves coriaceous, glabrous on both sides; cymes sessile or nearly so 11. Maytenus rothiana
b. Ovary fully embeded in the disc; leaves membranous, pubescent on veins beneath; cymes on 2-5 cm long peduncles 10. Maytenus puberula

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