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(Krascheninikovia Turcz. ex Fenzl 1840, non Gueldenst. 1772)

Herbs, perennial, weak, erect; rhizomes slender with napiform or fusiform bulbs or tubers. Leaves elliptic, obovate or linear-lanceolate. Flowers solitary, axillary or few in terminal cymes; cleistogamous flowers sometimes present in lower leaf axils. Sepals 5, scarious-margined. Petals 5, entire or rarely 2-fid, longer than sepals. Stamens 10, those opposite sepals thickened at base; anthers purple. Ovary ovoid; styles 2 - 3, filiform, tninutely capitate. Capsules many-seeded; seeds white, turning dark purple when mature, with appendaged tubercles.

East Asia; ca 15 species; one species in India.

Literature. OHWI, J. (1937) A revision of the genus Pseudostellaria. J. Jap. Bot. 9: 95 - 105.

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