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Herbs, annual or perennial; flowering shoots slender, ascending or prostrate. Leaves opposite, exstipulate, linear, slightly connate at base. Flowers solitary or in few-flowered cymes, 4 - 5-merous. Sepals 4 - 5, free, scarious-margined. Petals, if present, entire, white. Stamens as many or twice as many as sepals. Ovary 1-locular, many-ovuled; styles 4 - 5, alternating with sepals. Fruit a capsule, splitting almost up to base into 4 - 5 valves; seeds many, minute.

Chiefly in the northern temperate zone in Asia, Europe, Africa and America; 20 - 30 species, 4 species in India.


1a. Flowers 4-merous 2
b. Flowers 5-merous 3
2a. Pedicels hooked; seeds smooth to granulate 5. Sagina saginoides
b. Pedicels erect; seeds rough-papillose 2. Sagina japonica
3a. Petals conspicuous, longer and broader than sepals 4. Sagina purii
b. Petals minute or absent 4
4a. Upper leaves ciliate towards base; pedicels erect after anthesis 1. Sagina apetala
b. Upper leaves not ciliate towards base; pedicels curved downwards after anthesis 3. Sagina procumbens

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