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Herbs, annual, biennial or perennial, procumbent to erect; stems diffusely branched, hairy on two opposite sides. Leaves opposite, linear, connate at base. Flowers in axillary or terminal, lax or dense, cymose clusters; bracts not much different from leaves. Sepals 5, inserted on rim of urceolate perigynous zone, equal or slightly unequal. Petals absent. Stamens up to 10. Styles 2, free, long, filiform. Fruit an indehiscent, 1 (-2)- seeded nutlet, surrounded by a much thickened hard wall of perigynous zone and persistent sepals, flower falling off as a whole at maturity; seeds lenticular, smooth.

Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia; ca 10 species, one introduced and naturalised species in India.

Literature. ROSSLER, W. (1955) Die Scleranthus Arten Osterreichs und seiner Nachbariander. Oesterr. Bot. Z. 102: 30 -72. SELL, P. D. (1963) Notes on the European species of Scleranthus. Fedde, Repert. Spec. Nov. 68: 167 - 169.

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