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Microtropis Wallich ex Meissner

Shrubs or small trees. Leaves decussate or opposite, elliptic to obovate, entire, exstipulate or stipules caducous. Flowers in peduncled cymes or sessile clusters, axillary or extra axillary, bisexual, sometimes unisexual, 4-5-merous. Calyx deeply lobed; lobes free, imbricate, often unequal. Petals united at base or free, imbricate. Stamens dorsi fixed; filaments usually united at base. Disc not distinct. Ovary free, completely or incompletely 2-loculed; ovules 2 in each locule. Capsule pointed or apiculate, longitudinally furrowed, laterally split along one side with persistent calyx at base. Seed 1, erect, arillate.

Central America, Hawai, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand., Vietnam and Malesia; ca 70 species, 6 in India.


1a. Flowers in sessile fascicles 2
b. Flowers in pedunculate cymes 5
2a. Leaves obtuse, rounded or sometimes slightly retuse 4. Microtropis ramiflora
b. Leaves acuminate or acute 3
3a. Leaves 3 or more times as long as broad; capsule 1 cm long 6. Microtropis wallichiana
b. Leaves less than 3 times as long as borad; capsule 2 cm long 4
4a. Leaves acute, nerves distinct on lower surface; capsule oblong 5. Microtropis stocksii
b. Leaves acuminate, nerves obscure; capsule ellipsoid 2. Microtropis latifolia
5a. Leaves obtuse, rounded or slightly retuse, coriaceous 3. Microtropis microcarpa
b. Leaves acute or acuminate, membranous 1. Microtropis discolor

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