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Loeseneriella A.C. Smith

Climbing or scandent shrubs. Leaves decussate. Flowers in axillary cymes. Calyx 5-lobed. Petals 5, thick, subcoriaceous to coriaceous. Disc conical or cupular, fleshy, extrastaminal. Stamens 3, attached to the ovary; anthers transversely dehiscent. Ovary partially embedded or superior, 3-loculed; style distinct; stigma obscure; ovules 4 - 12 in each locule. Fruits capsular, consisting of 3 separate, divergent, flattened follicles, each dehiscing into 2 valves. Seeds with a basal wing.

Tropical Africa and Asia; ca 26 species, 8 in India.

Literature. : HALLE, N. (1962). On genus Loeseneriella. In Mem. Inst. Fr. Afr. Noire. 64: 103.


1a. Petals orbicular or rotund 2. Loeseneriella arnottiana
b. Petals not as above 2
2a. Flowers 3.5-6 mm across 3
b. Flowers 7-12 mm across 6
3a. Leaves entire 4
b. Leaves shallowly crenulate or serrate 5
4a. Leaves 4-8 cm broad; fruits oblong: seeds 3-3.5 cm long 1. Loeseneriella andamanica
b. Leaves 2-4 cm broad; fruits obovoid; seeds ca 6 cm long 6. Loeseneriella parkinsonii
5a. Pedicels and calyx glandular-puberulous 8. Loeseneriella serrata
b. Pedicels and calyx not glandular-puberulent 7. Loeseneriella pauciflora
6a. Petals subulate, puberulous outside 4. Loeseneriella cumingii
b. Petals triangular-lanceolate. not puberulous outside 7
7a. Petals mucronate, margins recurved 3. Loeseneriella bourdillonii
b. Petals not mucronate, margins not recurved 5. Loeseneriella obtusifolia

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