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Dysoxylum grande Hiern in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 547. 1875.

Tree, to 15 m tall; bark smooth, dark-grey; young parts velvety-tomentose. Leaves 40 - 60 cm long; rachis flat or slightly grooved near base; leaflets 12, alternate, oblong- caudate, rounded at base, entire along margins, acuminate at apex, 12 - 20 x 5 - 8 cm, more or less glabrous, grey-velvety beneath along main nerves; secondary nerves 20 - 25 on each side; petiolules 6 - 8 mm long. Panicles as long as leaves, velvety-tomentose. Flowers clustered, 5 - 7 mm long; pedicels slender. very short. Calyx small, pubescent; lobes acute, short. Petals grey-pubescent outside. Staminal tube glabrous or nearly so outside, terminating in 8 bifid teeth. Disk tubular, exceeding ovary, glabrous. Ovary hairy, 4-locular. Capsules pyriform, more than 5 cm long, glabrous, generally 1-seeded; seeds ellipsoid, ca 2.5 cm long, dark brown, shining.

Fl. & Fr. May-Jan.

Distrib. India: Assam.


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