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Scandent or erect, shrubs or small trees. Branchlets often lenticellate. Leaves decussate, sometimes subopposite, rarely spiral. Flowers in axillary fascicles, cymes, thyrsiform or panicles. Calyx 5-lobed. Petals 5. Stamens 3 or 2, inserted at the base of the pistil, usually wider at base. Ovary partly or totally enclosed in the disc, conical or triangular, 3-or 2-loculed; ovules 2-8 in each locule, axile. Disc intrastaminal, fleshy. Fruits drupaceous, subglobose, 1-3-loculed; pericarp coriaceous when dry. Seeds 1 to many, embedded in mucilaginous pulp.

Tropical America, Africa and Asia; ca 200 species, 21 in lndia.


1a. Flowers in fascicles from axillary or extra axillary tubercles 2
b. Flowers in cymes 15
2a. Flowers less than 6 in a fascicle 3
b. Flowers more than 6 in a fascicle 11
3a. Leaves membranous 4
b. Leaves coriaceous 5
4a. Leaf margin recurved 9. Salacia khasiana
b. Leaf margin entire 15. Salacia membranacea
5a. Leaves mostly 15-30 cm long 6
b. Leaves 4-12 cm long or rarely more 7
6a. Pedicels 6-10 mm long; fruits 5.5-6.5 (-8) cm across; ovules 4 in each locule 11. Salacia macrophylla
b. Pedicels 3-6 mm long; fruits 2.5-5 cm across; ovules 2 in each locule 7. Salacia grandiflora
7a. Petals clawed at the base; branch lets more or less angled 3. Salacia chinensis
b. Petals not clawed at the base; branchlets terete 8
8a. Branchlets smooth 20. Salacia salacioides
b. Branchlets lanticellate 9
9a. Pedicels more than 6 mm long; petals oblong 14. Salacia malabarica
b. Pedicels less than 6 mm long; petals ovate 10
10a. Flowers 1-2 in each axil 2. Salacia brunoniana
b. Flowers 6 in each axil 19. Salacia reticulata
11a. Leaves chartaceous 21. Salacia verrucosa
b. Leaves coriaceous 12
12a. Petiole more than 8 mm; petals obovate; calyx lobes entire 18. Salacia platyphylla
b. Petiole less than 8 mm; petals ovate; calyx lobes, toothed or fringed 13
13a. Leaves entire at margins 12. Salacia macrosperma
b. Leaves obscurely undulate at margins 14
14a. Leaves oblanceolate; lateral nerves about 8 6. Salacia gambleana
b. Leaves elliptic-oblong; lateral nerves 12 1. Salacia beddomei
15a. Flowers in very short pedunculate heads, usually 3 together 17. Salacia oblonga
b. Flowers in branched cymes; peduncle elongate 16
16a. Leaves coriaceous 17
b. Leaves chartaceous 19
17a. Cymes unbranched; sepals entire 4. Salacia floribunda
b. Cymes dichotomously branched; sepals ciliate 18
18a. Style ca 1 mm long; stigma simple 16. Salacia nicobarica
b. Style ca 2.3 mm long; stigma capitate 13. Salacia majumdarii
19a. Calyx lobes deltoid 5. Salacia fruticosa
b. Calyx lobes ovate-oblong 20
20a. Petioles up to 6 mm long 8. Salacia jenkinsii
b. Petioles 8-10 mm long 10. Salacia korthalsiana

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