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Herbs, annual or rarely perennial; stems ascending or decumbent, much-branched at base. Leaves opposite, apparently whorled with short dense shoots of leaf fascicles borne on both sides at each node, linear, obtuse; stipules small, not united to surround node, scarious, deciduous. Flowers in terminal, lax, dichasial cymes; pedicels deflexed after flowering, becoming erect again. Sepals 5, free, scarious-margined, green. Petals 5, entire, white. Stamens 10 or sometimes 5. Ovary 1-locular; styles 5, rarely 3. Capsules ovoid to subglobose, dehiscing by 5, rarely 3 valves; seeds often winged.

Temperate regions; 5 species, 2 in India.


1a. Styles 5; capsules 5-valved; seeds sharply keeled or very narrowly winged 1. Spergula arvensis
b. Stlyes 3; capsules 3-valved; seeds compressed, broadly winged 2. Spergula fallax

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