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Hovenia Thunb.

Small, unarmed trees. Leaves alternate, subbifarious, membranous, basally 3-nerved. Inflorescence axillary and terminal, dichotomous, pedunculate cymes, many-flowered. Flowers bisexual, pentamerous. Calyx lobes 5, glabrous, ovate, acute. Petals 5, cucullate, glabrous, unguiculate, inserted below the disc. Stamens 5; filaments embedded in the margins of the 5-lobed disc, filiform; anthers 2-loculed, dehiscence longitudinal. Ovary hypogynous, tricarpellary, trilocular, sunk in the disc, conical; style 3-cleft, branches straight; stigma capitate. Fruits obscurely 3-lobed, indehiscent. Seeds 3, one in each locule; testa coriaceous, separating from inner membranous tegmen.

Asia; 5 species, 1 in India.

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