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Herbs, shrubs or vines. Leaves mostly opposite, rarely alternate or whorled, simple or compound. Heads discoid, 1-many flowered. Involucral bracts 1-many seriate. Corolla white, blue, pink, purple or red, tubular to campanulate or funnelform lobes glabrous, hairy or glandular. Stamens 4 - 5; anthers rounded or hastate at base. Style branches well developed, appendaged. Achenes prismatic or flattened, ribbed. Pappus of awns, scales, bristles or glandular knobs, rarely absent.

Mainly of American distribution; ca 100 genera and 200 species; 5 genera and 15 species in India.

Literature. KING, R.M. & H. ROBINSON (1969). Studies in compositae-Eupatorieae XI. Typification of Genera. Sida 3: 329 - 342. KING, R.M. & H. ROBINSON (1975). Eupatorieae. Arn. Miss. Bot. Gard. 62: 888 - 1004.


1a. Involucral bracts more than 5 2
b. Involucral bracts 3-5 with usually equal number of florets 4
2a. Pappus of 10 or more capillary bristles 3. Eupatorium
b. Pappus of 3-5 scales or clavate hairs 3
3a. Pappus of scales 2. Ageratum
b. Pappus of clavate hairs 1. Adenostemma
4a. Usually scandent; florets 4; corolla glabrous within 4. Mikania
b. Erect herbs; florets 5; corolla hairy within 5. Stevia

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