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Herbs or undershrubs, usually strongly aromatic. Leaves alternate, entire, incised or 1 - 3-pinnatisect. Heads homogamous or heterogamous, solitary or fascicled, racemose or panicled, never corymbose, ovoid or broadly campanulate, small. Involucral bracts few-seriate with scarious margins; the outer shorter. Receptacle flat, convex or hemispheric. naked or pubescent to long hairy. Outer florets female, fertile, 1-seriate; corolla slender. tubular, shortly 2 - 3-fid. Disc florets hermaphrodite, fertile or sterile; corolla regular. tubular; the limb slightly enlarged or campanulate, 5-fid. Anther bases oblong, entire. Style arms of hermaphrodite florets truncate, usually penicillate tips often connate in the sterile florets. Achenes ellipsoid, oblong, subobovoid, very small, faintly striate, glabrous or pilose. Pappus absent.

North Temperate regions, S. Africa and S. America; most common on arid soils of W. United States and Russian Steppes; ca 400 species, ca 32 in India.

Literature. LING, Y.R. (1987). On the Status of Artemisia dubia Wallich ex Bess. and A. myriantha Wallich ex Bess (Compositae) Kew Bull. 42(2): 443 - 448. PAMPANINI, R. (1926, 1927, 1929 & 1932) Material per 10 studio delle Artemisie Asiatiche. Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital. n.s. 33: 447 - 469. 1926; 34; 632 - 713. 1927; 36: 375 - 388. 1929; 39: 19 - 35. 1932. SRINATH, K.V. & M.N. RAMASWAMI (1964). Occurrence of morphological types in Artemisia pallens Wall. Curr. Sci. 33: 346 - 347.


1a. Heads homogamous; receptacle naked; florets all fertile 18. Artemisia maritima
b. Heads heterogamous; receptacle various; florets all fertile or only the outer female fertile and the disc with sterile florets 2
2a. Receptacle naked 3
b. Receptacle hairy or obscurely pubescent 28
3a. Outer florets female, fertile; disc florets sterile 4
b. Outer female florets and disc florets all fertile 9
4a. Perennial herbs 5
b. Annual herbs 8
5a. Heads secund; cauline leaves with stipule like appendages at the base 16. Artemisia japonica
b. Heads not secund; cauline leaves without the appendages at the base 6
6a. Leaves entire, weakly toothed; radical leaves 3-fid or absent 8. Artemisia dracunculus
b. Leaves 2 - 3-pinnatisect or pinnatifid, only upper ones entire 7
7a. Stems pale white; heads in simple or panicled racemes 24. Artemisia salsoloides
b. Stems pale green, sometimes purple; heads solitary and distant or in cluster of 2-3-short forming panicled racemes 9. Artemisia dubia
8a. Heads secund; involucral bracts glabrous; achenes narrowly obovate 6. Artemisia capillaris
b. Heads not secund; involucral bracts hairy; achenes narrowly obconic 27. Artemisia stricta
9a. Annual or biennial herbs 10
b. Perennial herbs 12
10a. Small herbs, ca 15-30 cm high; involucral bracts pubescent; heads rather large 4. Artemisia biennis
b. Tall herbs, up to 1.2 m high; involucral bracts glabrous; heads small 11
11a. Heads hemispheric, pedicelled, secund, drooping in axillary leafy racemes 7. Artemisia caruifolia
b. Heads ovoid, erect in very dense axillary erect sessile, compound thyrsoid panicles 30. Artemisia tournefortiana
12a. Heads usually small, 1.25-4 mm in diam., often in spreading panicled spikes or racemes 13
b. Heads rather large 4-8 mm in diam. in simple, sparingly branched, erect axillary and terminal racemes 27
13a. Leaves simple, lobed or serrate 14
b. Leaves pinnatifid, pinnatisect of pinnati-partite 15
14a. Hoary pubescent or tomentose herbs; leaves ovate-elliptic, lobed; heads ovoid 21. Artemisia nilagirica
b. Glabrous herba; loaves lanceolate, acuminate, serrate; heads globose-campanulate 2. Artemisia amygdalina
15a. Glandular hairy herbs 20. Artemisia myriantha
b. Pubescent or tomentose or glabrescent herbs 16
16a. Rhizomatous perennial herbs 17
b. Rhizomatous perennial herbs 17
17a. Brown purple or purple herbs 18
b. Herbs more or less green 20
18a. Cauline leaves with auricled lobes; heads often clustered at the terminal ends embedded in brown ferruginous wool 5. Artemisia campbellii
b. Cauline leaves without auricled bases; heads panicled, not embeded in wool 19
19a. Leaves grey white to woolly tomentose beneath: heads subglobose or campanulate; corolla tube of hermaphrodite florets broadly attenuate 23. Artemisia roxburghiana
b. Leaves tomenlose beneath; heads hemispheric; Corolla tube of hermaphrodite florets narrowly attenuate 28. Artemisia strongylocephala
20a. Heads oblong; involucral bracts glandular hairy 31. Artemisia verlotiorum
b. Heads campanulate or subglobose; involucral bracts glabrous or tomentose at maturity 15. Artemisia indica
21a. Leaf segments pectinately pinnatifid; rachis often pectinately winged; heads hemispheric, subsecund 13. Artemisia gmelinii
b. Leaf segments not pectinately pinnati-fid; rachis simple winged; heads often subglose or campanute, not sub secund 22
22a. Herbs with glabrous stems; leaves pinnate-partite. 29. Artemisia thellungiana
b. Herbs with puberulous to pubescent stems; leaves 2-pinnatisect or 2-pinnatifid or 2-pinnatipartite 23
23a. Stems slender; leaves 2-pinnatipartite, segments incised 14. Artemisia incisa
b. Stems stout; leaves 3-2 -1 -pinnatisect; segments not incised 24
24a. Leaves 3-2-pinnatisect, white punctate above 12. Artemisia filiformilobulata
b. Leaves 2-1-pinnatisect, not white punctate above 25
25a. Panicles almost entirely leafless; heads campanulate 10. Artemisia elegantissima
b. Panicles sparsely to densely leafy; heads globose or ovoid-campanulate or ovoid 26
26a. Outer involucral bracts densely tomentose 11. Artemisia eriocephala
b. Outer involucral bracts arachnoid-puberulous 3. Artemisia austro-himalayana
27a. Leaves white tomentose beneath, segments spreading; corolla not densely villous 32. Artemisia wallichiana
b. Leaves subsilky villous on both surfaces, segments closeset, short; corolla densely villous 25. Artemisia stracheyi
28a. Receptacle obscurely pubescent; heads ca 4 mm in diam., subglobose; corolla of hermaphrodite florets almost cupular 22. Artemisia persica
b. Receptacle covered with long hairs; heads 6-12 mm in diam., hemispheric; corolla of hermaphrodite florets not cupular 29
29a. Silky hoary or tomentose perennial herbs, heads 6-8 mm in diam. 30
b. Hoary pubescent or tomentose annual or biennial herbs; heads 6-12 mm in diam. 31
30a. Tall herbs; heads numerous, somewhat crowded; achenes elliptic-oblong or somewhat obovoid 1. Artemisia absinthium
b. Dwarf herbs; heads few, solitary or spicate; achenes cylindric, obscurely ribbed, somewhat auricled at the tips 19. Artemisia minor
31a. Usually tall herbs, simple or paniculately branched above; anthers aristate 26. Artemisia sieversiana
b. Dwarf herbs; branches many ascending from the root, spreading in a circular way; anthers acuminate 17. Artemisia macrocephala

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