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Herbs or rarely shrubs, annual or perennial. Leaves alternate, entire, toothed, lobed or pinnatifid. Heads heterogamous. rayed (very rarely disciform) terminal, long peduncled, or smaller and corymbose, hemispheric or broader, large. Involucral bracts many-seriate, broad, appressed with coloured margins. Receptacle naked. Ray florets female, 1-seriate, fertile; ligule white, yellow or rosy, spreading. Disc florets hermarphrodite, fertile, tube terete or 2-winged; limb 4 - 5-fid. Anther bases obtuse, entire. Style arms of hermaphrodite florets with truncate penicillate tips. Achenes subterete or angled, variously rihbed or winged. Pappus absent or reduced to a cup or auricle.

Europe, Asia and America. Majority of them cultivated; ca 200 species, 4 in India.

Literature. HENRY, A. (1902). The wild forms of the Chrysamhemum. Gard. Chron. III, 31: 301 - 302. SMITH, E.D. (1935) Ancient history of the Chrysanthemum. Bull. Chrysanth. Soc. Amer. 3: 6 - 15.

Notes. Opinions differ with regard to the generic circumscription of Chrysanthemum, Tanacetum and Ajania. Some authors have transferred the species of Chrysanthemum under Tanacetum, while others prefer to retain the genus as such. The latter treatment has been followed here.


1a. Pappus obscure 2
b. Pappus a large membranous, dimidiate or lobed sheath or coriaceous cup,lobed to the base 3
2a. Rootstock woody; stem branched from the base, puberulous and viscid; ligule spreading 4. Chrysanthemum tibeticum
b. Rootstock tuberous; stem solitary or rarely 2 from the rootstock, woolly upwards;ligule rccurved 1. Chrysanthemum atkinsonii
3a. Viscid pubescent shrubs; achenes strongly 5-ribbed; pappus a membranous dimidiate or lobed sheath 3. Chrysanthemum stoliczkai
b. Laxly villous or woolly herbs; achenes many-ribbed; pappus a coriaceous cup,lobed to the base 2. Chrysanthemum pyrethroides

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