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Soliva Ruiz & Pavon

Herbs. Leaves alternate, pinnatisect. Heads sessile, surrounded by leaves. Involucral bracts in 2 subequal rows. Receptacle flat, naked. Ray florets female; corolla absent. Disc florets usually functionally male or sterile, tubular; limb 4 or rarely 2 or 3-dentate. Anther bases obtuse. Style rigid, persistent. Achenes glabrous, compressed with a smooth thin wing. Pappus absent.

Mostly in Australia and S. America; 12 species, 1 in India.

Literature. BENTHAM, O. (1866) Flora Australiensis. London, 7: 552. BHATIACHARYYA, U.C. (1963). Soliva anlhemifolia R. Br. (Compositae)- A new Record for India. Bull. Bot. Surv. Ind. 5(3 & 4): 375-76. MUNZ, P.A. (1959) A. California Flora. California 1233.

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