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Waldheimia Kar. & Kir.

Herbs, perennial, diffuse or tufted. Leaves alternate, cuneate, 3 - 5-toothed, Pinnatisect. Heads heterogamous, hemispheric, often large, terminal, sessile or peduncled. Involucral bracts many-seriate, margins scarious, lacerate, often black. Receptacle flat, naked. Ray florets neuter, 1-seriate; ligule white, rosy or liliac, spreading, entire. Disc florets yellow, hermaphrodite, fertile, tubular; limb 5-fid. Anther bases truncate or with short connate auricles. Style arms of hermaphrodite florets broad with truncate penicillate tips. Achenes of hermaphrodite florets 5-angled, glabrous and glandualr; of female empty. Pappus of rigid brown or reddish, wavy flattened bristles, sometimes dialated at the tips and with split margins.

Predominently Himalayan and C. Asiatic; ca 8 species, 5 in India in alpine regions.


1a. Leaves cuneiform, 3-fid or 3-lobed or toothed 2
b. Leaves oblong or linear oblong, 1 - 2-pinnatifid or 2-pinnatisect 4
2a. Glabrous or feebly woolly herbs; heads more than 2 cm in diam.; pappus slender, not dialated at tips 1. Waldheimia glabra
b. Densely woolly herbs; heads less than 2 cm in diam.; pappus more or less dilated at tips 3
3a. Heads short peduncled; involucral bracts membranous with broad, pale brown, deeply fimbriate margins 5. Waldheimia vestita
b. Heads sessile; involucral bracts woolly with narrow, brown scarious margins 2. Waldheimia nivea
4a. Woolly herbs; involucral bracts woolly 4. Waldheimia tomentosa
b. Glabrous herbs; involucral bracts glabrous 3. Waldheimia stoliczkai

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