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Herbs, usually scapigerous, sometimes branched. Heads heterogamous, rayed, small, solitary. Involucral bracts 2-seriate. Receptacle convex, naked. Ray florets 1-seriate. Disc florets bisexual, tubular, limb 5-cleft. Anther bases obtuse, entire. Achenes compressed. Pappus paleaceous, scanty or absent.

Australia, Africa, N. America, New Zealand; ca 75 species, 1 in India.

Notes. B. iberidifolia Benth., a native of Australia, is grown as an ornamental in some places.

Notes. The occurence of this species in India is doubtful. C.B. Clarke included this on the basis of specimen supposed to have been collected from Assam region (CAL). Hooker (1881) also mentions this on the authority of Clarke (1876). But for the present study neither type nor any authentic specimen could be located in CAL.

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