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Conyza Less. nom. cons

Herbs; branchlets usually ribbed. Leaves alternate, linear, ohovate or spathulate, pinnately veined, margin entire to crenate-serrate. Heads heterogamous, disciform, corymbose or panicled, axillary or terminal, usually many. Involucral bracts multiseriate, linear-lanceolate; outer smaller. Receptacle flat or convex, naked or pitted, fimbriate. Outer florets female, fertile, 2-many-seriate, filiform, rarely ligulate, 2 - 3-toothed. Disc florets bisexual, fertile, few, tubular, 5-toothed. Anther bases obtuse, entire. Style arms of female flattened, usually slender. Achenes minute, laterally compressed. Pappus slender, 1 - 2-seriate, scabrous.

Temperate and subtropical regions of the world; ca 60 species, 10 in India.


1a. Pappus hairs white or dirty white or yellow 2
b. Pappus hairs usually red 5
2a. Pappus hairs yellow 3. Conyza bonariensis
b. Pappus hairs white or dirty white 3
3a. Heads pale rosy or purplish 4. Conyza canadensis
b. Heads yellowish 4
4a. Pappus ca 2 mm long, white 8. Conyza semipinnatifida
b. Pappus ca 4 mm long, dirty white 10. Conyza sumatrensis
5a. Plants not viscid; heads 0.2-0.3 cm across 9. Conyza stricta
b. Plants viscid; heads 0.4-1.5 cm across 6
6a. Leaves elliptic-oblong, narrowed at both ends, acute, entire or faintly dentate; corolla pink or pale violet 6. Conyza leucantha
b. Leaves oblong-spathulate, serrate-pinnatilobed, obtuse at apex 7
7a. Leaves pinnatilobed 1. Conyza aegyptiaca
b. Leaves serrate-dentate or coarsely toothed or often entire 8
8a. Pappus hairs 4 mm long 7. Conyza rufa
b. Pappus hairs 2-3 mm long 9
9a. Leaves narrowly linear 2. Conyza angustifolia
b. Leaves obovate-spathulate, oblong or lanceolate 5. Conyza japonica

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