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Herbs, annual, erect, branched, fragrant. Leaves alternate, pinnatisect. Heads in terminal panicles, heterogamous, small, not rayed. Involucre hemispheric, bracts subseriate, lanceolate, acute with scarious margins. Receptacle with contracted base and naked concave top. Outer florets many-seriate, female fertile, filiform, 2-toothed. Disc florets bisexual, usually sterile, regular, 5-cleft. Anthers appendaged at tip, bases truncate. Style arms exerted, short. Achenes minute, oblong, smooth. Pappus absent.

Asiatic; ca 2 species, 2 in India.

Literature. FAYED, A. (1979). Revision der Grangeinae (Astcraceae) - Astereae, Mitt. Bot. Staatssam Munchen 15: 425-576. Cyalhocline 513-520.


1a. Heads 3-4 mm across; flowers bright yellow 1. Cyathocline lutea
b. Heads ca 5 mm across; flowers purplish white or purple 2. Cyathocline purpurea

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