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Dichrocephala L'Herit ex DC.

Herbs, annual, branched, glabrous or pubescent. Leaves alternate, toothed, lyrate or pinnatifid. Heads heterogamous, not rayed, small, panicled, globose or hemispheric. Outer flowers female, fertile, slender, many-seriate. Inner or disc flowers bisexual, fertile, fewer, narrow, 4 - 5 toothed. Involucral bracts sub-2-seriate, slightly unequal, margins dry. Receptacle slightly contracted within the margin, elevated. top flat, naked. Corollas of female flowers reddish, slender. minutely 2-3-toothed or exapanded into 3-4-lobed limb. Corollas of bisexual flowers yellow, regular, tubular with a campanulate 3 - 4-lobed limb, yellow. Anther bases truncate. Style arms of female short, flattened, tips lanceolate. Achenes compressed. Pappus absent or of 2 minute bristles in bisexual flowers.

Africa, China, Java, Madagascar; ca 10 species, 4 in India.

Literature. FAYED, A. (1979) Revision der Grangeinae (Asteraceae-Astereae) Mitt. Bot. Staatssam Munchen 15: 425-576, 49 fig., Dichrocephala pp. 491-513.


1a. Receptacle slightly elevated 1. Dichrocephala benthamii
b. Receptacle much elevated 2
2a. Herbs, usually spreading; leaves up to ca 7.5 cm long 4. Dichrocephala integrifolia
b. Herbs, erect, very rigid; leaves usually up to 5.0 cm long 3
3a. Leaves sessile or half amplexicaul; heads ca 4 mm across 3. Dichrocephala hamiltonii
b. Leaves auricled at base; heads usually 6-8 mm across 2. Dichrocephala chrysanthemifolia

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