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Grangea Adans.

Herbs prostrate or suberect, villous. Leaves alternate, pinnatifid. Heads, heterogamous, not rayed, subglobose or globose, terminal or leaf-opposed. Involucre broaclly campanulate; bracts few-seriate. Receptacle convex or conical, naked. Outer florets female, 1-many-setiate. Disc florets bisexual, fertile. Corollas of female flowers filiform, shorter than styles; outer 2-fid; inner 2 - 4-fid; corollas of bisexual flowers regular, with a slender tube, limb 4 - 5-fid at apex. Anther bases obtuse. Style arms of disc florets flattened, cuneate-obtuse or with triangular points. Achenes flattened or subterete. Pappus cupular.

Africa, Madagascar and Asia; 6 species, 1 in India.

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