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Herbs, annual. Leaves alternate, toothed. Heads white heterogamous, loosely panicled or solitary. Ray florets 2-many-seriate, female, fertile, small, ligulate; ligule spreading or revolute. Disc florets bisexual, fertile, tubular, 5-fid. Involucre hemispheric; bracts few-seriate, narrow, margins scarious. Raceptacle broad, convex, naked. Anthers flattened, tips lanceolate. Achenes compressed, obovoid-oblong, margined. Pappus absent.

Asia and Africa; ca 10 species, 5 in India.

Literature. SOMDEVA, B.M. WADHWA & R. MATHUR (1981), The genus Myriactis Less. (Asteraceae) in W. Himalayas Ind. J. Forestry 4(1): 26-29.


1a. Ligule of marginal flowers 2-8 mm long, linear or oblanceolate 2
b. Ligule of marginal flowers 0.5-1 mm long 4
2a. Heads 1-1.5 cm across 2. Myriactis javanica
b. Heads 3-8 mm across 3
3a. Ligules 2.5-3 mm long 5. Myriactis wightii
b. Ligules 7-8 mm long 1. Myriactis assamensis
4a. Marginal flowers ca 10-seriate; ligules of marginal flowers elliptic 3. Myriactis nepalansis
b. Marginal flowers 3-5-seriate; ligules of marginal flowers elliptic-linear 4. Myriactis wallichii

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