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Herbs, perennial, glabrous or pubescent. Leaves alternate, linear, obovate or oblong-lanceolate, usually chartaceous. Heads yellow, heterogamous, rayed, usually in scorpioid cymes. Receptacle small, usually pitted. Ray florets few, 1-seriate, female, ligulate. Disc florets tubular, 5-fid. Involucre oblong or campanulate; bracts many-seriate, coriaceous. Anther base obtuse. Style arms of bisexual flowers flattened, tips lanceolate. Achenes alternate or angled, 8 - 12-ribbed. Pappus hairs 1 - 2-seriate, slender, scabrid.

Eurasia and America; ca 100 species, 4 in India.

Literature. HOFFMAN, O. (1890). Compositse. In Engler & Prantl. Nat. Ptlanzenfam. IV. 5: 150. OHWI (1956). Flora of Japan P. 1150. RANI, N. & K.M. MATHEW, (1983). In Matthew Fl. Tamil Nadu-Carnatic 3(2): 813.


1a. Inflorescence recurved or spreading; head minute, ca 2 mm across 1. Solidago canadensis
b. Inflorescence erect, not recurved or spreading; heads 4-15 mm across 2
2a. Heads usually 4 mm across; ray florets minute 3. Solidago microglossa
b. Heads usually 10 mm across; ray florets conspicuous 3
3a. Radical leaves usually not decurrent into a long petiole 4. Solidago virgaurea
b. Radical leaves usually decurrent into a long petiole 2. Solidago decurrens

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