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Herbs, perennial, subscapigerous; rootstock thick, erect, crown silky. Leaves radical, some alternate. Heads solitary or 2 - 3-fascicled on the erect scape, homogamous, discoid, small, sessile or very shortly peduncled. Flowers hermaphrodite, all fertile. Corolla 5-partite. Involucral bracts many-seriate, rigid, often pungent, imbricate; outer ones shorter. Anther bases sagittate, rounded at tips, hairy. Achenes oblanceolate, somewhat compressed, ribbed or not. Pappus uniseriate, feathery.

China and Japan; ca 10 species, 3 in India, in the Himalayan region.


1a. Petiole distinctly winged; achenes 10-ribbed 3. Ainsliaea latifolia
b. Petiole not winged; achenes. indistinctly or distinctly ribbed 2
2a. Leaves orbicular-cordate or triangular, sinuate-lobed 2. Ainsliaea aptera
b. Leaves oblanceolate 1. Ainsliaea angustifolia

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