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Catamixis Thomson

Shrubs or undershrubs, erect. Leaves alternate. Heads homogamous, small, in terminal corymbose panicles. Florets all bisexual, ligulate, fertile. Involucre oblong; involucral bracts 3-4-seriate; outer shorter. Receptacle naked. Anther bases sagittate, long tailed, barbellate. Style branches short, erect. Achenes somewhat turbinate, silky hairy. Pappus 2-seriate, scabrid.

A monotypic genus having isolated distribution in Garhwal Himalayas (Uttar Pradesh) and Nepal.

Literature. NAYAR, M.P. & AHMEDULLAH, M. (1985) Catamixis baccharoides Thomson - An endemic chasmophyte of the W. Himalaya under threat. Bull. Bot. Surv. India 27: 248-250.

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