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Ziziphus mauritiana Lam., Encycl. 3: 319. 1789. Z. jujuba (L.) Gaertner, Fruct. 1: 203. 1788 (non Miller, 1768); M. Lawson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 632. 1875. Rhamnus jujuba L., Sp. Pl. 194. 1753.

Abor.: Gamge-asing, Beng.: Bagri, Garo: Thengkhi; Guj.: Ber, Bordi; Kh. Dieng-Soh-broi; Kum. : Guter, ,Khalis, Mikir: Thakri-arong; Miri & Asm.: Boguri.

Large shrubs or trees, 1-15 m tall; bark dark grey or nearly black, with deep vertical cracks, reddish and fibrous inside; younger parts rusty tomentose; spines solitary or in pairs, straight or one of them recurved; nodes slightly enlarged around the leaf scars. Leaves alternate" variable, broadly elliptic or ovate, 2-9.8 x 1-4.3 cm, often obtuse, mucronate at apex, serrulate or entire, pubescent or glabrous above, tomentose to densely brown or white silky tomentose beneath, basally 3-nerved; stipules spinescent. Inflorescence short axillary cymes or 10-13-flowered fascicles; peduncles 1-8 mm long. Flowers 4-6 mm across, green-white; pedicels 2-5 mm in flowers, 3-7 mm in fruits, tomentose. Calyx lobes glabrous within, tomentose without, tube campanulate. Petals spathulate, 1-1.5 mm long. Stamens equal to petals. Disc distinctly 10- grooved, fleshy. Ovary bicarpellary, bilocular, glabrous; style short, 2-cleft, united to the middle; stigmatic lobes curved. Drupes 2(-1) celled; exceeding or less than 1 cm in diam.; kernel irregularly furrowed with a hard, thick, boney shell. Seeds 1 or 2, compressed.


1a. Flowers borne in cymes; peduncles more than 6 mm long. 10.3. pedunculata
b. Flowers born in fascicles; peduncles less than 2 mm long 2
2a. Leaves pubescent above 10.4. pubescence
b. Leaves glabrous above 3
3a. Mature fruits exceeding 1 cm in diamenter. 10.2. mauritiana
b. Mature fruits less than 1 cm in diameter 10.1. fructicosa

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