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Ziziphus rugosa Lam., Encycl. 3: 319. 1789; M. Lawson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 636. 1875.

Asm.:Bon boguri; Hindi: Bhand, Ber, Churna, Suran; Mal.: Thodali ; Mar.:Turani; Or.: Chunu-koli.

Straggling, evergreen shrubs or small trees, 3-6 m tall, young parts fulvous tomentose; bark dark grey or nearly black, deeply cracked into thick rectangular scales; spines solitary, recurved, tomentose except the tips; internodes 1.5 - 3.5 cm long. Leaves dark-green, elliptic or ovate, 5-13.5 x 3-7.4 cm, acute, rounded, slightly emarginate or mucronate at apex, glabrous above, tomentose or glabrous except a few hairs on nerves beneath, closely serrate; seratures with callous points, basally 3-nerved; petioles 0.5-0.7 min long, tomentose. Flowers 5-6 mm across, yellowish green; pedicels 5-7 mm long, densely tomentose. Calyx lobes 5, 1.5-2 mm long, pubescent without. Stamens 1-2 mm'tong; anther lobes broadly ovate. Disc 5-lobed, glabrous. Ovary bicarpellary, 2-celled, villous or glabrous; style 2-cleft, united below the middle, curved. Drupes obovoid to globose, 6 - 12 x 10 mm, fleshy. Seeds 2(-1) compressed, black.


1a. Leaves tomentose beneath 14.3. rugosa
b. Leaves glabrous except a few hairs on nerves beneath 2
2a. Ovary villous 14.2. glabrescens
b. Ovary glabrous 14.1. glabra

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