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Shrubs, subscandent or small trees. Leaves alternate, exstipulate, 1 - 3-foliolate; leaflets entire, subentire or serrate. Flowers small polygamo-dioecious, pedicellate, fascicled in simple or branched axillary thyrses, white or yellowish. Sepals 4, in opposite pairs, imbricate, outer smaller. Petals 4, generally declinate, naked, inside or with a shaggy scale. Disc unilateral, usually with 4-glands, opposite the petals. Stamens 8, inserted and in bisexual flowers surrounding. the ovary. Ovary usually 2-lobed, 2-loculed; in male flowers merely a pistillode; styles 2, ovule 1 in each cell. Fruits indehiscent, 1 - 2-lobed; lobes subglobose. Seeds with short aril.

Tropical and subtropical America, Africa, Mascarine Island, Madagascar, Asia to Australia, Indian Archipelago and Pacific; ca 255 species, 9 in India.

Notes. The species of this genus are highly polymorphic and exhibit wide range of ecological variation.

Literature. LEENHOUTS, P.W. (1967). A conspectus of the Genus Allophylus (Sapindaceae). Blumea 15(2): 301-358. MUKERJEE, S.K. (1972). Indian Allophylus (Sapindaceae). Indian For. 98: 489-496.


1a. Leaves unifoliolate 1. Allophylus chartaceus
b. Leaves trifoliolate 2
2a. Berry black 3
b. Berry red 5
3a. Climbers 3. Allophylus concanicus
b. Shrubs or small sized trees 4
4a. Leaflets glabrescent or puberulous along midrib and petiolules; fruits globose 2. Allophylus cobbe
b. Leaflets glabrous; fruits obovoid-subglobose 4. Allophylus dimorphus
5a. Leaves glabrous 6
b. Leaves tomentose 7
6a. Leaflets lanceolate 7. Allophylus subfalcatus
b. Leaflets ovate, elliptic or obovate 8. Allophylus triphyllus
7a. Racemes stout; leaflets oblong-lanceolate or oblong-ovate 9. Allophylus villosus
b. Racemes slender; leaflets obovate-ovate 8
8a. Bark of the branches yellowish brown 5. Allophylus rheedii
b. Bark of the branches whitish 6. Allophylus serratus

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