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Cardiospermum halicacabum L., Sp. Pl. 366. 1753; Hiern in Fl. Brit. India 1: 670. 1875. C. microcarpum Kunth, Nov. Gen. et Sp. Pl. 5: 104. 1821.

Beng.: Sibjhul, Nayaphutki; Guj.: Kagadolio, Korolio; Kan.: Kakarlata; Mani.: Putka, Sibjul; Mar.: Tejovati, Kapal-phodi.

Annual or perennial, tendrillar, climbing herbs; stem and branches slender, furrowed, pubescent or glabrous. Leaves deltoid or ovate, 3 - 8 cm, bitemate; leaflets deeply incised, acute at apex, narrowed at base. Flowers very small, white in umbellate cymes; cyme resting on 2 opposite circinate tenderils. Outer sepals rounded-obovate, inner rounded, larger than the outer, very thin. Petals rounded. Capsules on short stalks, subglobose or broadly pyriform, 1.2 - 3 cm across, trigonous, truncate at top, angles winged. Seeds globose, black.

Fl. & Fr. : Throughout the greater part of the year.

Distrib. India : Throughout the country in tropical and subtropical regions, mostly amidst hedges.

Notes. Roots, leaves and seeds are reported to be used in indigenous system of medicine in Maharashtra.


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