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Cupania Plum.

Small to medium trees or large shrubs. Leaves alternate, pinnate, exstipulate; leaflets opposite or subopposite, entire, subcoriaceous. Inflorescence axillary and subterminal panicles or raceme, bracteolate. Flowers polygamo- dioecious. Sepals 5 - 4, concave, imbricated in 2 rows. Petals 5 - 4, alternating with calyx segments, often with 1 - 2 basal scales., Disc regular or unequally thick, annular, glabrous, exserted. Stamens 7 - 10 or fewer, free, inserted in the disc. Ovary ovoid-obovoid or obcordate, 2 - 4-celled; ovules solitary. Fruits obcordate-pyriform, glabrous, 1 - 2 seeded. Seeds arillate at base.

Pantropical, Australia; ca 55 species, 1 in India.

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