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Ampelocissus wightiana Shetty & P. Singh in Kew Bull. 44: 469. 1989. Vitis erioclada auct. non. Wight & Arn. 1833: Wight & Arn., Prodr. 130. 1834, p.p.; M. Lawson in Fl. Brit. India. 1: 651. 1875. p.p. Ampelocissus erioclada Planchon in J. Vigne Amer. 8: 375. 1884.

Stout climbing shrubs; branches terete, hollow, floccose-woolly. Leaves simple, ovate-orbicular, sometimes shallowly 3-lobed, deeply cordate at base, corarsely glandular-dentate at margins, 10-25 x 8-20 cm, acuminate at apex, membranous, floccose-woolly, especially on nerves beneath; petioles 5-9.5 cm long. Inflorescences thick, branched panicles of cymes, floccose-woolly; peduncles 5-14 (-20) cm long; tendrils simple, 10-45 cm long; primary branch of inflorescence 2-5.5 (-12) cm long; panicles 4-8 (-12) cm long. Flowers ca 1.75 mm long. Calyx saucer-shaped, truncate or obscurely 5-lobed, woolly. Petals oblong-ovate, ca 1.5 x 0.7 mm glabrous. Stamens ca 1 mm long. Disc almost covering the ovary, 5-furrowed. Ovary ca 1 mm across, glabrous; stigma. sessile. Berries globose, ca 1.25 cm across. Seeds obovate or suborbicular in outline, ca 8 x 7 mm; adaxial surface with a prominent longitudinal ridge, incurved and crenate at margin; abaxial surface with a clavate chalazal knot and fine rays radiating towards margin.

Fl. & Fr. : June - Sept.

Distrib. India : In evergreen forests of Courtallam, Kannikati and Muthukuz Vayal, up to 1000 m. Tamil Nadu. Rare

Sri Lanka.


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