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Ampelopsis A. Rich. ex Michaux

Climbing, scrambling or erect shrubs. Tendrils leaf-opposed, simple or branched or absent, not ending in adhesive discs. Leaves simple or imparipinnatety compound; leaflets petiolulate. Inflorescences leaf-opposed, corymbosely-cymose, pedunculate. Flowers bisexual. Calyx cupular. Petals 5, free. Stamens 5: anthers ovate-oblong. Disc cupular, adnate to base of ovary. Style short; stigma subcapitate. Berries pyriform, 2-4-seeded. Seeds obovoid; adaxial surface angular with thread-like raphe; abaxial surface convex with spathulate chalazal knot near centre; endosperm T-shaped in cross-section.

In tropical and warm temperate regions of Asia (mainly centred in China) and North America; ca 22 species, 3 in India.

Notes. Differs from Parthenocissus in the absence of adhesive discs at the tips of tendrils and presence of conspicuous, cupular, nectariferous disc, adnate to the ovary at base.


1a. Leaves imparipinnate with 7-9 leaflets 2. Ampelopsis rubifolia
b. Leaves simple 2
2a. Tendrils present; leaves pubescent above, villous beneath 1. Ampelopsis glandulosa
b. Tendrils absent; leaves glabrous 3. Ampelopsis vitifolia

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