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Dittelasma Hook.f.

Trees; bark grey leathery, young parts softly tomentose. Leaves alternate, pinnate, exstipulate; leaflets subopposite or alternate. Inflorescence axillary or tenninal panicle. Flowers polygamo-monoecious; bracteate. Sepals 5, tomentose on outer face. Petals 4, each with a scale, tomentose outwards. Disc semicircular, glabrous. Stamens 8, inserted at the base of ovary and disc, equal; filaments hairy. Ovary 3-lobed, 3-loculed, ovoid-globose, glabrous; ovules 1 in each locule. Fruits fleshy, indehiscent, of 3 cocci. Seeds globose, exarillate; testa thick.

Indo-Malaya; a monotypic genus in North-Eastern region of India.

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