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Shrubs to medium sized trees. Leaves alternate, exstipulate, pinnate; leaflets alternate or rarely opposite, narrowly obovate, entire, variably hairy to glabrous. Flowers unisexual, dioecious, in axillary, terminal, sometimes pseudoterminal racemes; bracts and bracteoles mostly caducous. Sepals 5, imbricate, equal or sometimes outer two smaller, hairy, sometimes with glandular hairs along the margin. Petals 5, either distinctly clawed with a pair of auricles above the claw or sessile, glabrous or ciliate. Disc annular, rarely 5-lobed. Stamens 5 - 8, exserted in male flowers. Ovary 2 or 3 (-4) loculed. Fruits inflated, rounded, coriaceous. Capsule 2 or 3-lobed, almost glabrous or variably hairy.

Tropical and subtropical Asia to Australia, and pacific Islands; 26 species, 2 in India.


1a. Glabrous; petals thin fleshy, neither clawed nor auricled; seeds almost enveloped by the aril 2. Harpullia cupanoides
b. Hairy; petals distinctly clawed and auricled; seeds with small annular aril 1. Harpullia arborea

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