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Shrubs, trees or lianas, mostly deciduous; plants dioecious, sometimes polygamous. Leaves spiral, imparipinnate or trifoliolate, petioled. Panicles terminal or axillary. Flowers unisexual or bisexual. Calyx 5-lobed. Petals 5, free, imbricate. Stamens 5, rarely 10. Disc 5-lobed, intrastaminal, cupular or annular. Carpels 3, syncarpous; ovary superior, 1-loculed, 1-ovuled; styles 3, usually free; stigmas capitate. Drupes globose or compressed.

Subtropical and temperate regions of the world; ca 250 species, 12 in India.

Literature. BRIZICKY, G.K. (1963) Taxonomic and Nomenclatural notes on the genus Rhus (Anacardiaceae). J. Arn. Arb. 44: 60-80.


1a. Stamens 10 3. Rhus himalaica
b. Stamens 5 2
2a. Leaves imparipinnate 3
b. Leaves trifoliolate 9
3a. Fruits indehiscent 4
b. Fruits dehiscent (epicarp bursting irregularly) 6
4a. Drupess obliquely ovoid, glabrous; leaflets glabrous to puberulous beneath, margin entire 10. Rhus succedanea
b. Drupess orbicular, tomentose~ leaflets tomentose beneath, margin serrate 5
5a. Petioles usually winged above; panicles equalling the leaves; petals pubescent on the upper surface 1. Rhus chinensis
b. Petioles not winged; panicles much smaller than the leaves; petals glabrous 8. Rhus punjabensis
6a. Panicles terminal; leaflets serrate 5. Rhus khasiana
b. Panicles axillary; leaflets entire 7
7a. Panicles and leaflets densely tomentose beneath 12. Rhus wallichii
b. Panicles and leaflets glabrous to sparsely pubescent 8
8a. Disc cupular; petals with a single median ridge; panicles 25 - 40 cm long 2. Rhus griffithii
b. Disc annular; petals with branched median ridge; panicles 16 - 25 cm long. 4. Rhus hookeri
9a. Armed shrubs 9. Rhus sinuata
b. Unarmed shrubs 10
10a. Leaflets sparsely pubescent beneath; petals glabrous 6. Rhus paniculata
b. Leaflets densely tomentose beneath; petals hairy 11
11a. Leaflets with white tomentum; petals tomentose all over 11. Rhus tomentosus
b. Leaflets with rusty tomentum; petals sparsely pubescent 7. Rhus parviflora

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