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Trees or shrubs. Leaves alternate, paripinnate, exstipulate; leaflets entire, coriaceous, subopposite. Flowers polygamous, in terminal and axillary panicles. Sepals up to 5, in two series, ovate-rounded in outline. Petals 4 - 5; scales present or absent. Disc annular, fleshy. Stamens 8 - 10, inserted; filaments pilose. Ovary entire or 2 - 4-lobed; ovule solitary. Fruits fleshy or coriaceous, indehiscent, oblong or globose. Seeds usually globose with two integuments, outer hard, inner membranous.

Throughout the tropical regions of the world; 40 species, 3 in India.

Literature. PRAKASH, V. & B.N. MEHROTRA (1990). Indian species of Sapindus L. (Sapindaceae). J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 14(1). 75 - 79.


1a. Leaflets 5 - 8 pairs 2. Sapindus mukorossi
b. Leaflets 2 - 3 pairs 2
2a. Leaflets lanceolate, apex acuminate; drupes ferruginous, velvety, almost combined 3. Sapindus trifoliatus
b. Leaflets oblong, apex emarginate; drupes smooth, glabrous, young slightly pubescent, partially combined 1. Sapindus emarginatus

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