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Leea L., nom. cons.

Description and distribution same as the family.


1a. Inflorescence and leaflets with conspicuous, large, discoid, brown, pearl glands 1. Leea aequata
b. Pearl glands inconspicous 2
2a. Flowers greenish white 3
b. Flowers crimson-red to orange yellow 8
3a. Stems and ultimate branches with spines 3. Leea angulata
b. Stems and ultimate branches without spines 4
4a. Leaflets 5 - 7-nerved at base 5
b. Leaflets 3-nerved at base 7
5a. Staminodial lobes deeply bifid; bracts ovate to linear-lanceolate 4. Leea asiatica
b. Staminodial lobes shallowly cleft; bracts deltoid to triangular 6
6a. Calyx mealy pubescent 9. Leea macrophylla
b. Calyx glabrous 6. Leea grandifolia
7a. Bracts of inflorescence broadly ovate, somewhat foliaceous, up to 12 mm long; leaves trifoliolate or 1 - 2-pinnate; stipules narrow persistent 5. Leea compactiflora
b. Bracts of inflorescence narrowly triangular, up to 4 mm long, early caducous; leaves 2 - 3 pinnate; stipules obovate. caducous 8. Leea indica
8a. Leaves 1-pinnate; rachis narrowly winged 2. Leea alata
b. Leaves 2 - 3-pinnate; rachis not winged 9
9a. Staminodial tube 2 - 3 mm long 7. Leea guineensis
b. Staminodial tube less than 2 mm long 10
10a. Leaves membranous with setaceous hairs above; flowers creamish yellow at maturity 11. Leea setuligera
b. Leaves chartaceous. without setaceous hairs above; flowers and inflorescence red 10. Leea rubra

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