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Tetrastigma planieaule (Hook.f.) Gagnepain in Notul. Syst. (Paris) 1: 319. 1911. Vitis planicaulis Hook.f. in Bot. Mag. t. 5685. 1868; M. Lawson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 658. 1875. V. neurosa Kurz in J. As. Soc. Bengal 44: 204. 1876.

Asm.: Chepala lala; Garo: Samarang.

Large climbing shrubs; branches flattened, striate, glabrous, tendrils simple. Leaves 5-foliolate, subcoriaceous, glabrous; petioles 8 - 15 cm long; terminal leaflets elliptic to oblong-Ianceolate, 15-18 x 5-8 cm, acuminate at apex, acute at base, distantly cuspidate-serrate at margins; petiolules ca 3 cm long; lateral leaflets 9-15 x 3-9 cm, oblique at base, otherwise as in terminal leaflets; petiolules 1-2 cm long. Inflorescences corymbose cymes, ca 10 cm long; peduncles ca 5 cm long. Flowers ca 2.5 mm long, pubescent; pedicels ca 4 mm long. Calyx truncate. Petals 2 mm long. Ovary ca 1 mm across, glabrous. Berries ca 2 cm across, 1-2-seeded. Seeds oblong-obovoid, ca 10 x 5 mm, transversely ribbed.

Fl. & Fr. : Apr. - Oct.

Distrib. India: Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya.

Notes. This species is allied to T. obovatum Gagnepain but differs mainly in having glabrous leaves and ovary and in the petals of the male flowers being not spurred.

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