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Tetrastigma gamblei Shetty & P. Singh in Kew Bull. 42: 933. 1987. T. canarense Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 1: 228. p.p., 1918. non Vitis canarensis Dalz., 1851.

Kan.: Hothake-balli.

Climbing shrubs; branches slender, terete; tendrils simple or 2-fid. Leaves 3-foliolate, glabrous; petioles 4-9 cm long; terminal leaflets elliptic to obovate, 7-11 x 4-7.5 cm, acuminate at apex, cuneate at base, serrate dentate to subentire at margins, petiolules 1.5-2.5 cm long; lateral leaflets elliptic, 5-10 x 3.5-6.5 cm, slightly oblique at base, margins and apex as in terminal leaflets; petiolules 0.5-1 cm long. Inflorescences umbellate cymes, ca 3 cm long, pubescent; peduncles 1-2 cm long. Flowers ca 2 mm long; pedicels ca 2 mm long. Calyx subtruncate or obscurely 4-lobed, pubescent. Petals oblong- ovate, ca 1.75 x 0.8 mm, acute, slightly hooded, pubescent. Stamens ca 1 mm long; anthers obovoid. Disc membranous, encircling base of ovary. Ovary ca 1.25 mm long; stigma sessile, 4-lobed. Berries globose; ca 6 mm across, 1-seeded. Seeds subglobose, ca 6 x 5 mm, transversely striate on sides, adaxial and abaxial surfaces with longitudinal furrows, chalaza spathulate.

Fl. & Fr. : Nov. - March.

Distrib. India: Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.

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