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Nothopegia aureofulva Beddome ex Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 2: 40. 1876.

Trees, with rusty villous branches. Leaves subopposite, oblong-lanceolate, 10 - 25 x 1.8 - 4.8 cm, membranous, rusty villous; petioles 0.75 - 1 cm long. Racemes condensed, 1 cm long, axillary from lower leaves. Male flowers 1.5 mm in diam.; pedicels short, pubescent. Calyx 4-lobed; lobes ovate-orbicular, 1.5 x 2 mm, sparsely pubescent. Petals oblong, 4, 0.8 x 0.4 mm. Stamens 4, as long as petals, glabrous. Disc 4-lobed, 1 mm in diam., tomentose outside, glabrous within. Carpels rudimentary, represented by 3 small subulate bodies at the centre of disc. Female· flowers and fruits not seen.

Fl. & Fr. : Feb. - Sept.

Distrib. India : Hills of Western Ghats. Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.

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