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Nothopegia vajravelui Ravikumar & Lakshmanan in Rheedia 9(1): 56. 1999.

Tam. : Paal vellayil, Mullai maram.

Trees, up to 10 m tall; branches glabrous, terete. Leaves alternate, obovate or elliptic-oblong to oblanceolate, 6 - 15 x 1.5 - 5 cm, obtusely acuminate at apex, acute-obtuse at base, entire, wavy, thickly coriaceous, glabrous; petioles up to 1.3 cm long, twisted, canaliculate. Racemes axillary up to 2 cm long, 7 - 12 (1-2) flowered; penduncles up to 2 cm long, 4 - 5 -angled, rusty hairy. Flowers unisexual, then male, or bisexual, ca 7 mm across. Calyx 4 - 5-lobed; lobes ovate-triangulate, ca 1 mm long, glabrous, greenish yellow. Petals oblong, ca 5.5 x 2 mm, glabrous. Stamens 4 - 5, alternating with petals; filaments equal or subequal, ca 2 mm long, pilose up to 3/4 of its length. Disc annular, ca 2 mm across, 4 - 5-lobed. Bisexual flowers : Sepals, petals, stamens and disc as in male or unisexual flowers. Ovary globose, up to 2.5 mm in diam.; styles cylindric, stout; stigma capitate. Drupes globose or ovoid, up to 2.2 x 1.2 cm, acute at both ends, glabrous, vertically striate, 1-seeded. Seeds ovoid- globose, pale yellow.

Fl. & Fr. : April - July.

Distrib. India : Dominant along the slopes of dense, evergreen forests, particularly along perennial streamlets. Tamil Nadu.


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