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Rourea Aubl., nom. cons.

Lianas, shrubs or small trees. Leaves imparipinnate. Panicles axillary, rarely pseudoterminal, bracteate; bracteoles small, fimbriate. Flowers bisexual, 5-merous. Sepals usually minutely pubescent outside, ciliate along the margin, glabrous on the inner surface, enlarged and clasping the base of the fruit. Petals lanceolate. 2 - 3 times longer than sepals, glabrous within. Stamens 10, united at base, glabrous, outer whorl longer; filaments filiform. Carpels 5; ovary pubescent or glabrous; style slender; stigma capitate, obscurely 2-lobed. Fruit usually 1 per flower, ellipsoid to ovoid, usually slightly recurved, finely longitudinally striate, opening by a ventral longitudinal slit, rarely pericarp tearing loose irregularly; pericarp thin, coriaceous to very hard. Seed 1, usually flattened; testa fleshy or seed enveloped by a fleshy arillode; endosperm lacking.

Tropical Central and S. America, Africa, S.E. Asia, N.E. Australia and Melanesia; ca 90 - 100 species, 3 in India.


1a. Leaflets 10 - 25 pairs. up to 3.5 cm long. mimosoid, pubescent 1. Rourea mimosoides
b. Leaflets 1 - 6 pairs. 8 - 15 cm long. glabrous 2
2a. Pericarp breaking loose irregularly around base 3. Rourea prainiana
b. Fruits dehising by a ventral slit 2. Rourea minor

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