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Semecarpus travancorica Beddome, Fl. Sylv. 2: t. 232. 1870; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 2: 31. 1876.

Kan.: Kadu-gobbi; Mal.: Avukaram; Tam.: Kattu Shon-Kottai; Tel.: Malu-sengote.

Trees, up to 30 m tall. Leaves obovate-oblong, 13 - 24 x 6 - 12 cm, obtuse or rounded at apex, base cuneate or rounded; petioles 3 - 5 cm long. Panicles 21 - 28 cm long, axillary, glabrous. Male flowers 1 mm across. Petals ovate. 1 x 0.8 mm, glabrous. Stamens 1 mm long; anthers oblong. Disc 1 mm in diam. Drupes obliquely oblong; 2.5 cm long; hypocarp broad and short.

Fl. & Fr. : Aug.- March.

Distrib. India: Southern Western Ghats, in evergreen forests, ascending up to 1350 m. Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.

Uses. The black resinous juice from pericarp is used in marking linen. The caustic black juice which is transformed into solid resin is used in making lacquers, varnish, water proof agents, etc.


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