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Artemisia incisa Pamp. in Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital. n.s. 33: 456. 1926.

Herbs; stems slender, striate, sulcate. Leaves 2-pinnatipartite, apparently thin in dried state; segments close or distant, inciso-lobed; lobes ovate acuminate, mucronate, adpressed-greyish white pubescent or puberulous beneath. Heads many in elongated panicles with narrow or spreading branches naked at base, or in small racemes, small, soon becoming glabresent. Corolla of disc florets moderately glandular, tube elongate, broadly attenuate.


1a. Leaf segments, close, adpressed pubescent or puberulous beneath 14.1. incisa
b. Leaf segments, distant, greyish white pubescent beneath 14.2. kunawarensis

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