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Artemisia strongylocephala Pamp. in Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital n.s. 33: 176. 1926.

Herbs, perennial; rhizome horizontal; stems purple, 30 - 70 cm high, grooved, obtusely angled, distinctly long hairy. Leaves pinnatifid; segments dentately lobed; lobes acuminate, mucronate; rachis narrow, more or less pilose above, tomentose beneath. Heads peduncled, upper subsessile in lax flowered, moderately leafy panicles with or without naked, wide spreading, small branches, hemispheric, ca 4 mm in diam. Involucral bracts purple. Disc florets purple, hermaphrodite; corolla tube small, glandular, gradually narrow, attenuate.


1a. Panicles widely spreading, branches long; heads evidently peduncled 28.2. strongylocephala
b. Panicles narrowly pyramidal, branches small; heads very frequently subsessile 28.1. cachemirica

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