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Herbs or shrubs. Leaves usually opposite, rarely alternate, entire or serrate. Heads homogamous, corymbose or paniculate, few-many flowered. Involucral bracts 1 - 5 seriate, equal or unequal. Corolla tubular; limb 5-lobed or toothed. Anthers appendiculate at tip, base usually obtuse. Style branches usually long, pubescent, papillose. Achenes 4 - 5 angular, glandular or eglandular, glabrous or hairy on the ribs. Pappus hairs uniseriate, capillary, scabrous.

Distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa but chiefly in Mexico, West Indies and Tropical S. America; ca 1200 species, 10 in India.

Literature. BENNETT, F.D. & V.P. RAO (1968). Distribution of an Introduced weed Eupatorium odoratum L. (comp.) in Asia & Africa and Possibilities of its Biological Control. PANS 14(3): 227 - 281. GRANT, W.F. (1953). A Cyto-taxonomic study in the genus Eupatorium. Amer. J. Bot. 40: 729 - 742. KING, R.M. & H. ROBINSON (1970). Eupatorium A composite genus of Arcto-tertiary distribution. Taxon 19: 769 - 774. RAO, R.R. & M.K.V. RAO (1980). the genus Eupatorium L. (Asteraceae) in North East India. Proc. Ind. Nat. Sci. ACad. B. 46: 587 - 592.


1a. Leaves finely dissected into capillary segments 3. Eupatorium capillifolium
b. Leaves not as above 2
2a. Leaves 3-5 fid; segments lanceolate 2. Eupatorium cannabinum
b. Leaves simple 3
3a. Achenes with shining glands 4
b. Achenes without glands 5
4a. Leaves palmately 3-5 nerved; involucral bracts mostly acute 7. Eupatorium nodiflorum
b. Leaves penni-nerved; involucral bracts all obtuse 4. Eupatorium chinense
5a. Leaves entire 6
b. Leaves serrate or toothed 7
6a. Heads many flowered; involucral bracts 3-seriate 10. Eupatorium triplinerve
b. Heads 4-8 flowered; involucral bracts sub 2-seriate 6. Eupatorium ligustrinum
7a. Leaves obovate, 7-nerved 5. Eupatorium erythropappum
b. Leaves lanceolate, oblong-obovate, elliptic or rhombic-deltoid, 3 nerved from base or penninerved 8
8a. Involucral bracts 1-2 seriate, equal in length 9. Eupatorium riparium
b. Involucral bracts 1-many seriate, outer smaller than the inner 9
9a. Heads 4-8 flowered; involucral bracts sub 2-seriate 6. Eupatorium ligustrinum
b. Heads many flowered; involucral bracts 3-5 seriate 10
10a. Stems, petioles and involucral bracts glandular hairy; achenes glabrous 1. Eupatorium adenophorum
b. Stems sparsely pubescent; achenes hairy on the ribs 8. Eupatorium odoratum

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