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Mikania Willd.

Herbs or shrubs, erect or twining. Leaves opposite. petioled. Heads spicate, racemed or panicled, discoid, 4-flowered. Involucral bracts 4. Receptacle naked. Corolla funnelform or broadly campanulate, 5-lobed. Anthers appendaged. Style arms long. acute. Achenes truncate, 4 - 10 ribbed. Pappus hairs many, 1 - 2 seriate, often connate at base.

From United states through Mexico, C. America and W. Indies to S. America, few species in E. Hemisphere; ca 300 species, 1 in India.

Literature. BHASKARNAlR, V.K. (1968). A Note on the occurrence of Mikania cordata (Burm.f.) Robinson in South India. Sci. & Cult. 34. 254. HOLMES. W.C. (1982). Revision of old World Mikania (Compositae). Bot. Jahrb. 103 (2): 211 - 246. RAIZADA, M.B. (1958). Distribution of Mikaniascandens Willd. in India. Ind. For. 84: 648. ROBINSON, B.L. (1934). Mikania scandens and its near relative. Conotrib. Gray Herb. 104: 55 - 71.

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