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Herbs, thistle-like. Leaves alternate, toothed, lobed or pinnatisect, spinescent. Heads homogamous, globose, ovoid or oblong, solitary or crowded, rarely corymbose. Flowers white or purple, all similar, usually bisexual, tubular; limb cylindric, slender, usually unequal, 5-fid. Involucral bracts many-seriate, appressed with long, erect, spreading or recurved, spmous tips; Inner erect, slender, scanous. Receptacle flat, densely bristly. Filaments glabrous; anther bases Sagittate; auricles connate; tails branched or villous. Style arms narrow, short or long. Achenes, usually obovate or oblong, compressed, glabrous, 5-many ribbed. Pappus hairs 1-seriate, slender or flattened, simple, free, caducous, rarely absent.

E. Mediterranean to C. Asia; ca 400 species, 5 in India.

Literature. RECHINGER, K.H. (1912) Flora Iranica. 90 (1,5): 1-329. SCHTEPA, 1.5. (1962). Palynological data for the Systematic; of the genus Cousinia Cass. Pollen et Spores 4(2):375.


1a. Bristles of receptacle quite smooth 4. Cousinia prolifera
b. Bristles of receptacle more or less rough 2
2a. Pappus present, scabrid 3
b. Pappus absent or very shon 4
3a. Heads fascicled; involucral bracts straight 2. Cousinia falconeri
b. Heads not fascicled; involucral bracta spreading or recurved 5. Cousinia thomsonii
4a. Branches spinous winged 3. Cousinia microcarpa
b. Branches not winged 1. Cousinia auriculata

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