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Herbs, annual, erect, branched, scabrid-villous. Leaves simple, opposite; upper alternate, dentate, petiolate. Heads heterogamous, radiate, small, terminal or axillary. Involucre campanulate. Involucral bracts in 1 - 2 series; outer green; inner merging with membranous, concave scales. Ray florets few; corolla yellow, 2 - 3 lobed. Disc florets tubular-campanulate, 5-lobed. Anther base obtuse. Style branches flattened, acute. Achenes of the ray florets triquetrous to dorsally compressed. Disc achenes laterally compressed, truncate at the apex. Pappus of 2 - 5 unequal bristles.

Pantropical; ca 10 species, 1 in India.

Literature. KOSTER, J.T. & PHILIPSON, W.R. (1950). Nomenclatural chanae. in Spilanthes and Blainvillea with remarks and a key to tho species of Spilanthes in Malay Archipelago. Blumea 6: 349-354.

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