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Jurinea Cass.

Herbs, annual or perennial. Leaves entire, toothed, or pinnatifid, rarely armed, more or less tomentose. Heads homogamous. Flowers purple, all bisexual; tube slender; limb elongate, 5-fid to middle or lower. Involucral bracts many-seriate, imbricate; outer shorter; innennost narrow, erect. Receptacle flat, densely bristly. Filaments free, glabrous; anther bases sagittate; auricles usually connate; tails elongate. Style arms short. Achenes 4 - 5-angled, glabrous, smooth or 1 - 3 -ribbed. Pappus hairs many-seriate, simple, barbellate or feathery.

C. Europe, Mediterranean region to China, C. Asia; ca 100 species, 2 in India.

Literature. ILJIN, M.M. (1925). Revision of Turkistan species of the genus Jurinea Cass. Trans. Sci. Soc. Turkest. 2: 1-28. Pl. 1-10. (In Russian).

Notes. Some of the species of Jurinea have been treated under Dolomiaea DC. and Diplazoptilon Liang. As the author could not examine the type/authentic material of these genera the species treated under Dolomiaea and Diplazoptilon by different authors are treated here under Jurinea only.


1a. Leaves cottony above; pappus brown 2. Jurinea dolomiaea
b. Leaves scabrid above; pappus whitish 1. Jurinea cooperi

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