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Eclipta L. nom. cons.

Herbs, annual or perennial, erect, prostrate, decumbent, sprawling. Leaves simple, opposite, entire or toothed, generally pubescent with verrucose hairs. Inflorescence solitary or heads fascicled; peduncles elongate, appressed pubescent. Heads radiate. Involucral bracts in 2 or more irregular series, ovate-lanceolate, mucronulate. Ray florets in 2 - 3 series; corolla yellow or white; tube short, puberulent. Staminodes usually present. Disc florets many, fertile; corolla campanulate; lobes ciliate. Anthers sagittate. Achenes dorsiventrally flattened, tuberculate. Pappus of thick scales.

In the warmer regions of America, Africa, Australia and Asia; 4 species, 1 in India.

Literature. SANTAPAU, H. (1957). Eclipta prostrata, E. erecta or E. alba: which is the correct name? J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 54: 476-477.

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